La Piu Belle

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The 2011 La Piu Belle wine is beautiful and deep with an evolved ruby color and intense halo that visually captures your attention.

The nose is remarkably intense and well balanced, recalling aromas that engage all your senses, starting with delicate berries, wildflowers, spices and a touch of oak that makes the wine more complex but friendly at the same time. As a gift of the cool spring, the flavor of cranberries explode on your lips, tinting them with delicate color. The attack is incredibly fresh, silky smooth, with body and structure. The tannins are round and elegant, with a long and lengthy finish.

La Piu Belle is a harmonious wine with a persistent elegance, offering itself without excess. It is dynamic with an enticing nose that is also fruity, creating a beautiful equilibrium with tannins that delicately complete the aromatic spectrum. It is a wine that beckons you from across the room with only a glance of the eye and washes down like a sashaying silken scarf.