At VIK, our objective is to produce the best wine in South America, a wine for long-term aging and to be a pleasure to drink. We distinguish ourselves by adapting the appropriate vinification process in each tank respecting the origin of the grape and the organoleptic definition of the tank. To obtain the highest quality primary material we make manual cluster selection followed by a secondary selection of fermented juice.

In order to obtain grapes of only the best quality, we perform up to three nighttime harvests when the grape is coolest —always manually— in each lot, according to the maturity of the grapes. At the same time, our team provides the greatest care during the production of our wine, respecting the distinct natural conditions of each lot. To protect the balance of the wine, we transport all the grapes by gravity to the stainless steel tanks to maintain the freshness of the fruit and the aromatic precision of the wine.

The pre-fermentative maceration is at 8°C during 5 to 6 days and the alcoholic fermentation is with five daily pump-overs to extract the color and the tannins.

In the same manner, we perform a post-fermentative maceration between 7 to 15 days based on the year and tasting.

The blending is a process of assembling wines from many different blocks and varietals to fulfill the oenologists vision for the wine and is completed through constant tasting over many months. Once finished, it is returned to the barrel until the oenologist determines the moment for bottling.

The vinification of our wines requires great attention to the transformation of the grapes into an elegant, fine, expressive, aromatic, well-balanced, full-bodied, complex, and world-class South American Premier Grand Cru.

The aging of the wine is done in new French oak barrels, aged for 18 – 24 months with racking every 3 months. The barrels used by Viña VIK this year are:

  • Séguin-Moreau
  • Demptos
  • Sylvain
  • Other various companies