The great expanse of our vineyard, its diversity and unequaled attributes enable us to create a unique wine with infinite quality, possible because of the meticulous attention to every detail that until now has typically been seen in the best quality small vineyards. At VIK we strive to make the perfect equation between size (383 planted hectares) and excellence in quality that enables us to deliver a great wine.

The ideal thermal amplitude at our vineyard is an advantage in the growing of our top quality grapes. We benefit from consistently warm temperatures during the day and very cool nights. We are also fortunate to very rarely suffer from excessive heat, frost or hail. Our exceptional luminosity and scarce periods of rain during growing and harvest season are very important in maintaining the freshness of the fruit while having mature tannins at the time of harvest. VIK is a paradise for growing perfect grapes.

VIK includes twelve valleys with distinct types of soil, each analyzed to plant rootstock best suited for its characteristics. This variety and complexity helps us to create a unique and great wine.

Another fundamental point in the making of our wine is the special concern for striking the perfect balance between land, plant, rootstock and weather conditions. For this reason, each task is given great importance. Pruning and thinning is a constant consideration at the vineyard. Our pruning system reflects the proper balance in the load, in the phytosanitation, and simplicity in the operation. Our concept is that the terroir is dynamic.