Green VIK

At VIK, sustainable development is another fundamental pillar that comes from our concern for the environment where our grapes grow. Some of the measures to mitigate, recover and improve the land include:

  • Recovery of drained waters to irrigate the entire vineyard.

  • Maintaining the natural forest and planting 590 new trees (including quillay, peumo and litre) to maintain a negative carbon footprint.

  • Caring for the natural biodiversity that exists at VIK where living organisms are part of a whole with which they are constantly reciprocating, as well as with the air, water and soil that surround it.

  • Our 1000 planted acres of vines are surrounded by 10,000 hectares of forest.

  • The synergy and respect between man and nature which gives us our valued holistic VIK wine.


  • The great diversity of wild animals (ducks, cormorants, swans, eagles, cougar, etc.) thanks to being geographically isolated in the interior of the VIK Valley with a 10,000-acre forest and a lake in the middle of the vineyard.

  • The proximity of the forest to the vineyard encourages a healthy development of plants and a good balance of flora and fauna—(i.e. the spiders that are in the vineyard and the natural predators in the forest).

  • Having our own water treatment plant enables us to reuse water to irrigate the vineyard.

  • Having a highly sustainable state-of-the-art winery, which uses free cooling, solar energy and natural insulation.